Our kids is our everything! Surely, every parent wants his child to grow happy and healthy. Talking in this post about Interior design of kids’ room we have to think of design as a tool to improve child’s mental health and create positive environment for continuous development.

I personally find it is easier to design for girls of any age than for boys; only because girls are better of expressing themselves and before they reach teen age (16+),  they are good to know what they want and don’t like. They are more independant without doubt. Today I want to focus on design for boys because usually they need more guidance and help on expressing themselves.  

It’s quiet a life process of realising your personality, getting a better image of yourself and getting initial focus of life path. As a parent you can help your child with it by creating right room environment. 

I want to share with you guidance with professional recommendations, rather than list of ideas which you easily can find yourself on Pinterest. 

#1 Understand purpose! 

Before you start choosing colour, try to imagine how your son will live in this room.When you over look your child’s room before searching for ideas, I want you to question:

What does he do in this room? What he used to do here and doesn’t anymore? What would you like him to do in his room? How do you want your boy to feel in the room? What he doesn’t like – (No list)? 

#2 Plan furniture layout 

It might be one room but several areas!
The most basic are:
* sleeping area including bed + beside table;
* small study/play area includes table/desk/reading nook
* display/ storage unit/wardrobe


We create unique ‘small concept’ for each zone or area and then all of them together like jig-saw become a complete picture. At final stage, center wall decor at each area. 

via Pinterest: Colorful Pattern-Filled Shared Boys’ Bedroom by hgtv.com

#3 Choose colour for temper

 Just now the fun begins! 

Did you hear the saying “Colour heals”? – Kids are more sensitive to colour than adults. Moreover, they don’t have as busy life as grown-ups, so kids take their time to process everything around them. Colour should help them feel safe in their room, help to imagine and create, and of course, help to learn new things. 

To have better ability to focus, concentrate, sometimes to stay calm, boys need to be surrounded by colours of nature.  In general, men have more simple ability to think and process information comparing to women. If you will overload colour sheme in boy’s room, he will feel frustrated, chaotic and less organised in his routine. 

Best colours are Grey, Blue, Green, Brown. You can use different shades as main wall colour or choose different colours for each area to highlight it individually.   

 If you need colour scheme idea, check my collection on Pinterest board.  

#4 Give him space 

Design for boys should be as simple as possible! In fact, you need to give him “design” as a background to add “something own”. They don’t like many little details like girls do. They need to grow for certain things (hobbies, passion) and only then to add own things by themselves on walls or display. Those things will matter to him more than any picture you chose in the shop but it will be meaningful to remind him of something important and what matters for him now and may be in the future. Those personal little things like little ancors, keep him solid on a ground to keep moving forward.  

via Pinterest, Image by: merigo.ca 

5 Simplicity can be creative

I know design is very creative industry and you want to create imaginative world in your child’s room. Keeping it simple doesn’t mean not creative. 

Riley’s Room by J and J Design Group

 Style each area with unique design elements! Don’t use too many odd shapes. Boys like straight lines and basic geometrical shapes in patterns, shelves, wall decor and other display. That would be my main recommendations to decorate boy’s room. There is no strict rules in design world, don’t be affraid to experiment with colour and ideas but follow guidance to bring goodness into your child’s little den. 

My best wishes!

Alena C