It’s great to see that more and more home owners would like to see own bathroom not only practical and functional but also with special atmosphere. It can be created using textured finishing materials and of course lighting. 

One of the biggest trends is integrated seamless lighting. If you plan a self-build or DIY project, here is how you can achieve this look.

LED Lighting in the Bathroom            

#1 Use waterproof lighting fixtures 

All lights, even LED strips, should be waterproof! Here is an example to compare. Strip for bathroom is  sealed with extra plastic.

LED Lighting in the Bathroom                                                          Via  

Any other lighting fixtures, particularly pendants and wall lights in water jet area should have IP no less than 65. Check info with manufacturer.

#2 Hide LED strip 

I personally believe even line of light inside of recessed shelf looks more attractive than a set of recessed lights. To achieve seemless effect don’t leave strip exposed.  

There are two ways:  

For shelves: Use aluminium profile and tile it flash with tiles. Place it at the top of the shelf, closer to the back wall. LED strip lights are very bright if not to make beam more focused. Profile will help to make light look softer and more pleasant.  

LED Lighting in the Bathroom LED Lighting in the Bathroom








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Around mirror or other objects:

Sometimes it’s impossible to use metal profile but if to leave light fully exposed it will look very sharp. If you want to have calming and relaxing effect, we need to place LED strip deeper behind object. It should be no less than 3 widths of the strip you use. For example: if LED strip width is 8 mm, then we place it 24 mm away from the open edge. 


Lighting is one of the most powerful design elements! It can transform any place.Use is wisely and enjoy decorating! 

Alena C