Did you find yourself in a situation when you walk into a room in the early afternoon and catch yourself on a thought of turning the lights on? Then you realise, it’s still a good daylight outside, you rather don’t get the lights on yet and leave shadowy room.  

Unfortunately,  buildings of previous century and most of bungalows can’t feature bright rooms. So, if you don’t want to be involved into construstion and replace windows on bigger size, you certainly can learn how you can get maximum light through existing windows with minimum investment.  

We all have window treatments of various types and for various reasons, so let’s look at curtains and blinds, as the most popular choice, how to place them on a window in the most efficient way. 

One of the main reasons why you have less lighting coming in is because you block part of your window with your blind or curtain. I know, it might sounds funny, because that’s what blinds and curtains are for. But I want you to look at the window dressing from a different perspective! 

Having double and even triple glased windows in most of the homes these days, there is no draft coming through the windows. As you can see, there is no practical reason for placing your curtains and blinds in the way they would cover window itself during a day. You get much more lighting when you install your blind outside of the window frame. At the same time, you hang your curtains to dress wall next to your window but not the window itself! 

Check some visual examples for a better idea. 

Example #1

Curtains placed on a window frame












Example #2

Curtains placed next to window frame


 At the same time, when you place blind on a wall above your window, you make your window look taller. When you place curtains next to your window, you make window look wider. I hope you see the difference! 

There are still curtain makers who still operate in old traditions, when windows were drafty and cold. You even had to use interlining, which is sort of a blanket for the window. Unfortunately, placing curtains/blinds on a window, you cover 1/3 and sometimes half of your window! It’s unbelivable how much light never reaches the interior.

But time has changed and it’s time to change the way we see our window dressing. Blinds and curtains are for styling and privacy only!  It’s up to you to get more lighting in.


As you imagine, stretching curtain drapes along a wall away from the window, you can admire fabic in full as it’s not folded! Roman blinds also look pretty outside of window frame. Though, both dressing options can be for moderate or high budget.  

When it comes to affordable solutions, people choose Roller blinds. You all might agree that roller doesn’t look that attractive, especially if you place it outside of the window frame. Luckily, there is a beautiful product by Acme Blinds ULTRA CASSETTE!  

It’s not an extodinary new product on a market. Though, I was surprised to find out that really few people know about it! 

Technically, we are talking about Roller blind being installed into a cassette. In fact, it looks like a pelmet on a window. It’s a metal white box (also available in antracite) with blind fabric decorated on a front. There is a small (H 40mm) and a big (H 70mm) cassette for your choice. See picture below for a closer look.  


Tropicanna roller blind in 70mm Ultra Cassette by AcmeBlinds  

And the best part is a price, which depends on your window width. As an example, if your window’s width is about 1000 mm, it costs about 30-35 euro additionally to your roller blind quote; where for smaller window, it can be about 20 euro. It’ is a beautiful affordable product and makes blind to look AMAZING!



Happy decorating!

Alena C