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Your Classic Contemporary Home

To find own interior style is one of the hardest things for many homeowners.There is no surprise here, when design magazines and social media show us beautiful and contrasting interiors. They do look rather stunning with a WOW factor and that’s the goal of publishers to catch your attention.


Design inspiration via House and Home magazine  

We live in a very artistic design period and interior solutions can be quiet creative. But would you be brave to use some of the ideas in your home? My professional advice, If you are not sure if modern design influence is for you, go for Classic Contemporary style! If you’ve never had a love for creative or “different” look, don’t make yourself to start liking it because trends are like this. Stay true to yourself and I will show you how to make your home timeless! Classic contemporary style is not a traditional “old” style and it doesn’t mean you have to bring antiques and heavy picture frames. This style is not aging elegance! Trends don’t have influence on it. Some people call it “Hotel look”. 


Here are key principles of your Classic Contemporary Interior to apply for your home:  

#1 Furniture 

As we talk about timeless interior, furniture is considered as an investment. Good quality is a key, firm foam, straight design lines. Fabric is cotton, linen, velvet or a mix. Try to avoid large patterns like flowers or multi-coloured stripes. Fabric should have a neutral tone, be plain or with a nice visible fabric texture. Sofa should look neat in design. 


Madison sofa by Finline Furniture 

 If you plan to have occasional chair or an accent chair, you dont have to match its fabric with sofa. Although, you have two options: keep it neutral but with different fabric pattern or add colour and keep it simple (plain). The idea of interior look is to be versatile. Than more simple colour scheme will be than easier will be to add and change styling details around it.  


Other furniture like sideboard, console table or side tables can have more of a designer’s touch with various decorative details. That’s where interior becomes more ornamental and less plain! Furniture might contain unusual knobs, carved detail, glass / brass /nickel or other finishes.


#2 Colour scheme and other finishes 

As it was mentioned above, colour scheme is a very neautral and mostly light. Choose shades or grey, taupe or beige. If your room has a lack of natural light, choose rich tone of your neutral colour. Making it visible, you will make room feel more cozy. Some of you might think that all walls painted in one colour can be a boring sight. If you feel that way then add texture! You can choose textured wallpaper, wall moulding, paneling, plaster etc. Your eyes will catch added details, even small ones and that’s how visual interest will be born. 


#3 Window dressing 

There are two ways of styling your window, better to say wall next to your window! Don’t cover your window, instead allow maximum of natural light. If you have no furniture under your window, use full length curtains, (No shorties!). If you have sofa or large sideboard, then go for Roman blinds. Alternative option can be a roller blind in a cassette. 


Contemporary sitting room design by AlenaCDesign  


#4 Lighting 

Statement lighting is a main room feature what makes it look luxurious and expensive. Don’t use lampshades but go for ceiling light or chrystal/ glass pendants. Reflective surface brings more lighting into the room.


Classic Contemporary sitting room design by AlenaCDesign  


# 5 Styling 

  •  Classic Interiors don’t like clutter or too many display objects. Group your display pieces by 1 or 3 or max 5 objects together but they should be displayed as a group with variety of textures, colour tones and heights. You can find more recommendations in previous posted topic How to style accessories on display. 
  • Use plants, artficial or real branches with leaves, floor plants – they add freshness to any room! 
  • Display paintings or photo prints in frames. That’s a good way to add a bit of colour into interior and over time easily can be changed. 
  • To make room look finished and cozy, please don’t forget to place right size rug (size of your seating area), and of course, cushions.   


Classic Contemporary is one of the styles which can look more expensive than actually spent budget! It’s a good example when less is more!   


Enjoy decorating!  X 

Alena C

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Scandinavian Style

Have you even found yourself being frustrated not knowing what style to choose for your home and even at least to name the style you are trying to achieve?
Seeing stunning pictures in fashionable home décor magazines it can be hard to identify the style if only you don’t know for sure. I will make several posts giving overview of the most iconic interior design styles to give you a better idea.
Today I will draw you guidelines how to recreate Scandinavian style. There is no surprise that number of people, who want to have practical, functional and simple aesthetics house, grow every day.

Storkgatan 5C Alla Bilder by 55kvadrat
Scandinavian style can be traditional, retro, modern, eclectic etc. but in any case it will keep individual features. Interior is rather minimalist, pure functionality, simple and clean lines but still elegant.
#1 General colour scheme
This interior style came from Scandinavia, where long winters and rare sunny days inspired designers to create bright, light and practical environment.
Main wall colours are white and grey. Where blue, green, brown and orange are favourite accent tones.
#2 Flooring
Floor is bare and usually wooden or concrete but no carpets. You always can add rug to make it cosy and warm.
#3 Wooden materials
Presence of wood is important in interior with minimum decorative elements. It adds texture and warmth. You can use any type: oak, teak, walnut and even reclaimed wood for floors, wall cladding, ceiling and furniture.
#4 Iconic furniture
Design concept based on creating furniture as comfortable as possible.
EGG Chair by Jacobsen

Egg chair from
Series 7 Chair by Arne Jacobsen


Series 7 Chair Semi-Gloss Lacquered 
Swan chair by Arne Jacobsen

Swan chair 
Florence Knoll style 3-seater sofa

Florence Knoll style 3-seater sofa 
There are more beautiful furniture pieces than I can list here but you could see most of them in magazines or in featuring design trends. They are timeless!
#5 Lighting
Lighting takes great part in space planning. Consider not only main central light but also task light in different areas: table lamps, scones, floor lamps etc. There are many iconic pieces, which stay around for decades.
Artichoke Lamp Inspired by Poul Henningsen

Artichoke Lamp Inspired by Poul Henningsen 
Gino Sarfatti Chandelier

Gino Sarfatti Chandelier
#6 Fabric and patterns
Choosing fabric, go for Eco-friendly linen and cotton.
Pattern design gets inspiration from craftsmen, nature and simple shapes with clean form. Here is famous triangular pattern.

Fabrics and cushions from IKEA
#7 Accessories
This interior style well-known being minimalist but there is always a little bit of room for accessories to complete design idea.
Most of accessories should be a part of different home stuff: Art, plants, books, little wooden figures, glass jars etc.

Gustavsplatsen 1i, Apatment design by 55kvadrat
#8 Where to shop
There are many companies and brands around the World, which specialize selling Scandinavian style items.
Here are some of them:
IKEA– (Worldwide) Furniture, Fabric, Accessories and more.
The Swedish Fabric Company – (UK) Fabrics and soft furnishing
Nordic Nest – Furniture, Fabrics, Accessories and more
Skandium– (UK) Here you will find Scandinavian style craftsmen and designers to purchase Furniture, Lighting fixtures, Accessories, Decorative elements to complete the whole look.
The most important tip: Scandinavian home is clean and neat. Keep it in mind when it will time to add finishing touch.
Hope you Enjoy reading!


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Decorate Space keeping Something Old

Interior Design can be not that simple if you don’t know what to start from. You buy a house, move in and you see your space as a blank canvas. In this case, your opportunities are endless and you have a great chance to make everything right from scratch.
Unfortunately, reality is a bit different for most of us. I’m talking not just about budget! I’m talking about stuff we love and want to keep. You have old antique dining table which your grandmother left for you. But what to do if you love contemporary style?! To buy a house and to start renovation in every single room in one go, can be pricey. So, how to get welcoming house if you want to keep old tiles?
I’m having a deal with this requests daily and let me reassure you that there is always a solution! Each situation is unique as every home but there are tips, which can help you to start and get a progress.
#1 Determine what you want to keep and work around it
If you have something old and you DON’T LIKE it then take a note – don’t try hide it in the room by placing it in the corner or using something to cover it. Let’s face a truth, you are not a magician and this object or ‘a thing’ still will be noticeable.
Instead of tricks, make odd thing or interior element a part of your interior. Make colour, texture or shape of this object a start of your colour scheme.
If you keep an old thing you like, then make it featuring, make it a centrepiece in your space. If you would like to hide it then blend it in with accent colours. In both cases, it will look harmonious interior with well-thought details.
Here is an example #1:

Private Residence, Pacific Heights by NICOLEHOLLISvia
There is a nice antique console table and to fit it in contemporary interior you add wooden shelves on each side of the fireplace and wooden coffee table. Moreover, you can see that other furniture is in warm tones of light brown and taupe to match chosen colour scheme.
Example #2 is a part of one of the recent projects I was writing about here. But it is such a good visual example not to mention now.

Here we disguise large antique cabinet by painting wall behind it.
#2 Search for your colour scheme
It is true that not always colour scheme will be so obvious as on pictures above. You will need to spend some time and find a right example from Interiors online. Use, Google Search or ready Colour schemes on Pinterest.
It can be tricky if you have a deal with vibrant and bright colours. But all colours have a perfect match!
Red / Blue
Purple / Green
#3 Find a matching pair
You probably were guessing about this one as this tip was quiet obvious from examples above. I want to make sure that you don’t miss it. When you build your interior look around existing decor elements or furniture, try not to use it on its own because it will look like ‘a black sheep’ in the room. Exception will be a case where you use it as a unique centrepiece. Otherwise, add matching accessories around a room.

Yaletown loft by Treoma Design
Here are main three tips to get started. Hope it will help you to find your solution and remember ‘To get place you’ve never had before, make decisions you’ve never made before’. Be confident to try something new and don’t play too safe.
Enjoy and Have a fun decorating!


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