Playroom design is fun and creative process. Although, it can be challenging sometimes. This space must be multi-functional and suitable for kids with different interests.
Working on design for a family with two kids, it was very important to make room suitable for a young teenager girl of 14 y.o. and a little boy of 1 y.o. The challenge was to make room versatile.
In addition, client’s brief incuded:
1. Keep room as light as possible
2. Lots of storage space
3. Fit two desks
Here what we had before started:

To make design work for both kids, I decided to incorporate neutral colour with colours of nature. Blue is intellectual colour and essentially soothing, green is a colour of harmony and perfect for calming very active kids. Both colours have positive influence on kids intellectual development.

Designing bespoke cabinets, I decided to add reading bench under windows with pull-out storage system under it. It’s a great place for a teenager’s spare time. For a little boy, we made playhouse with castle shape top. It’s a fantastic hide-in place and for other imaginery games. Size of the house can fit even a grown up!

Playhouse has a window on one side at the top to let some natural light in. In addition, cushions from the bench can be used inside.

Other storage has combination of handless closed units and open shelves for display.

Large rug is importnat final decor to make room cosy and also it helps to complete colour scheme.

Decorating playroom for your kids, I highly recommend to solve furniture layout and find relevent storage solution first. After that choose colours, where the most striking tone should be on a wall you see as soon you enter. Create right first impression!
Kids are more sensitive to colours than adults, be wise choosing paint. Your choice will help them grow happy and fun.
Best wishes!
Alena C