Christmas season is approaching fast! Many people has started to take decorations out and dress their homes in all bright colours. But let me ask you a question, “Have you ever experienced after Christmas that your home looks empty without decorations? Unfortunately, it’s a simptom of “design hangover” and a sign that you went a little bit too much with Christmas transformation.

Every year local shops offer an incredible amount of sparkling things and it’s hard to resist not to buy something new. But have you ever wondered if you do your Christmas Interior right? How to know when it’s enough to decorate?

Christmas is not just a season full of joy and cheer but also known as a very stressful time. You might feel an additional pressure when your kids ask to buy another sparkling decoration. Do you feel guilty to say “no’ to buy another raindeer? So, where is that balance of fun and a home with good style?

Before we look at practical recommendations and examples, let me remind you what Interior design is actually about.

Interior design is a very complex subject. In general, It’s your home which tells a story of who you are, who your husband is, who your children are. It’s a home which works well for your lifestyle, your husbands habits, habits of every child you have, and of course, your dog’s habits. Home is a place where you feel safe, secure, recover after busy and stressful day. Here you feel comfortable not only physically but emotionally. Interior design helps to keep balance of all these things.

Christmas Interior is not about redecorating your home for this special time of the year but Styling. It means, we keep our Interior as it is but add decorative details to COMPLEMENT things which make our home a Home.

If you have sideboard with a collection of your family photos or your favourite scented candles on top of a mantel shelf; they should not disappear in one moment and be replaced by a great selection of santas, raindeers, Christmas tree candles etc. Please don’t style you home just as you see shelves in most of stores during Christmas season. Don’t be that perfect customer to buy everything you like.

There are some practical recommendations which will help you to style your home, keep the balance and you even might save some money:

#1 Your Colour Formula

See existing colours in your home and try to complement them with Christmas decor. If you like monchrome colour scheme, then choose decor in neutral tones from dark to light, mix textures and finishes.


If you like pop of colours, then bring decorations with pleasant contrast.


If you are not sure what colour strategy to use then go for universal colour scheme formula:

Use green (it can be your pine branch) + metalic finish (gold or silver) of your choice+ One colour of your choice

I know, it can be very tempting to use many colours but that’s where it’s easy to overdo with decorating. Probably, it’s fair to remind yourself that Less is More!

#2 Christmas Tree

I don’t want you to have blend and boring home this season! Moreover, we don’t forget that Christmas is all about having fun and bringing cheer into our homes. That’s why your Christmas tree becomes a centerpiece. Make it fun, even funky, multi-coloured if you wish or with a random collection of decorative objects, possibly including your kid’s DIYs. Though, the rest of the décor should not compete with it and stay simple.


#3 Your Glowing Lights

Warm glowing lights always add a feeling of festive coziness. Fairy lights can be used throughout the year in most other occasions, so purchasing a few every now and then, will help you to brighten up your home with a soft glow over the Christmas period. Even a simple thing as green garland with soft light sting add a special mood in the evening. It’s a fantastic way to style your doorways, mirror, mantelshelf, staircase etc.


Snowflakes with Micro Lights by

#4 Natural Decor is Timeless

True feel of Christmas is in greenery. Add pine branches or leaves to your table display, for example in simple glass vase. Add green garlands on top of mantelshelf or staircase. You also can use various netural objects for decor: birds, pine cones, golden leaf. As creatures of nature our minds always show positive response to such details and they also add freshness to our homes.


#5 Cosy Time!

Winter season is a cold time of the year, where woolly cushions and soft throws can be a great addition to your sitting room. Still try to keep it in the same tone as your current home décor, but lift the existing colour palette with pops of complementing neutral tones with various soft textures.


Via Pinterest

As a conclusion, remember “less is more”. Choose minimalist approach, style to complement home and add more natural decor and greenery. Your Interior has an enormous impact on your well-being. When you don’t cover your Interior with Christmas decor, your home continues to help you feeling good, it reduces stress and brings calmness and serenity. That’s what I wish you this season!

Happy decorating & Merry Christmas, Alena C