Tiling is one of the most important inputs during any renovation. Taking complexity of the work into consideration, tile choice should have timeless look with classic touch. My personal observation showed that once people put tiles down, it will be 10-15 years before they replace it. This fact makes tiling one of the most long-lasting decorative elements in both residential and commercial properties.
If you go through renovation, this post will help you to find all up to date looks and you will enjoy finished interior for many years.
Tiles have so many characteristics to consider, so let’s have a look at them:
There are three main shapes with growing demand:
– Hexagonal
– Elongated hexagonal

Dark Blue Crayouns Storm fromtilestyle.ie
– Arabesque Moroccan Lantern tiles

Arabesque Silk by tilestyle.ie
– Metro tiles are still in a good request, especially in neutral colours
– Long, narrow tiles is a sophisticated choice
Tiles with wood texture, polished concrete and stone stay in 2017 and I believe will be around for another couple of years, for sure. Whatever texture you will go for, should have soft sheen or be completely matt. Main look has clean lines, minimalist, elegant with soft tones.
Most of neutral colours have timeless look. We had several years of grey colour domination and these tendency is dramatically changing towards warmer tones. One of the most desirable colours become Caramel. It has very soft warm tone and it looks an absolute winner in combination with white and black colours.
I believe that Caramel is a 100% hit in new season but there are other two colour schemes stay around not because of fashion but because people love it:
– Clean white
– Warm Taupe
#4 Pattern as a Fashion element
Tiles with various 3D effects can become a great feature without doubts. Size of a pattern can vary from large to small. Stunning look!
Here are tiles which look like an outstanding piece of art!
#5 Wall pattern
Although, traditional straight row with clean lines stays classic, Chevron quickly becomes a favourite feature pattern for many designers. You can see it inside fireplace, as a kitchen back splash or on bathroom walls. Tile manufacturers are great to keep up with trends and now you can find tiles with precut edges. It makes tiling process easier and faster.

Arrow Silk Polvere from tilestyle.ie
This is my list of main rising trends and you will see many of them featured during a year. As you probably noticed, here I didn’t include new season colours, such as rosy-pink, teal, navy blue, emerald green etc. It’s because we can’t know if all these colours will be around in 10-15 years to last as a part of your tile choice.
Keep an eye on neutral tones with contemporary twist. They have a good potential to be named iconic and so classic. If you would like to add few colours, bring some accessories and style place to your taste. You always can change accent colour and use new decor but your background will be timeless. Overall interior look will stay attractive for many years.
Best Wishes,
Alena C