I hope you enjoy springtime! Days are finally longer, we have more sunlight and I’m finally getting my energy back to do more things. I hope you get something positive these days too!
It’s been very busy winter and I didn’t have much time to do any DIY recently. Finally with extra energy and longer days, I have so many ideas to share. But before coming soon series of DIY, I’ve prepared for you a little Intro Post about Special effect Paint as It takes a big part in most DIY projects.

It’s not a secret that any DIY project requires lack of imagination and a set of tools. If you are new in DIY World, here you will find all kind of special effect paint available to express your creativity on different surfaces.

# 1 Chalk Paint

There are many brands, I like Chalky Finish Furniture Paint and there is also well-knownAnnie Sloan Paint. You can find a complete overview of this product in my Blog Annie Sloan products: Let’s test it!
If you like home DIY then furniture paint is the first you learn about. There is nothing better than smooth matt finish, which gives classic look. I love modern paints for furniture! It is so easy to apply, doesn’t require special preparation. Most of water-based paints are thick that doesn’t require priming or sending. In addition, paint dries fast and doesn’t have strong odour.

#2 Chalkboard paint

This paint is more creative and you can apply on absolutely any surface!
Paint part of your wall or a whole wall
Paint furniture


Chalk paint doesn’t have to be black, how about red, green or navy!


Special extra: Magnetic Chalkboard Paint (Brush)

I had an opportunity to test it during one of my recent projects. Paint really works if only you give at least 3 thick coats! It will hold small magnets and event some paper notes. If you want to use medium or a little bit more heavy magnet then you should consider extra 2 coats, in total 5. Will work perfect!

Special Effect Paint

#3 Crackle paint

From the paint name, you get an idea. It creates antique and decorative crackle effect on furniture, walls, picture frames and other decorative elements.


#4 Mirror effect paint

This paint creates reflective surface, mirror-like look. Obviously it will not look like actually mirror quality but like antique mirror for sure.

Special Effect Paint

Krylon Looking Glass Silver

#5 Metallic paint

There are different colours from popular gold, silver, copper to rainbow colours. Choice is yours. Paint gives stunning shimmer and most of brands produce multi-purpose paint, which means can be applied to any surface.



Walls finish




#6 Neon Paint

Glowing colours in the dark. Can be applied on any interior surface. This one can be a true fun!

Special Effect Paint

Rust-Oleum Neon Yellow Paint from designerpaint.com


#7 Fresco

It is featuring paint, which replicates plaster walls of ancient European buildings. It is classical and timeless. This finish is for anyone who wants elegant, original and sophisticated look.


#8 Stone Textured Effect Spray Paints

This paint gives attractive faux finish stone effect and can be applied to most surfaces including metal, wood, plaster, clay and not glazed ceramic.

#9 Frosted glass paint

With this example you can create a translucent frosted glass effect on transparent surfaces including glass doors, windows, skylights and greenhouses. You even can use stencils to get pattern and personalize your work. The best surfaces are mirrors, glass accessories and more to get semi-transparent coating for decoration or privacy.

Special Effect Paint

  Pinterest from writeclickscrapbook.com

#10 Glitter Spray paint

This paint is a great fun fro everyone who loves shimmer and sparkle! It can be applied on any surface, it’s up to your fantasy!

Special Effect Paint

That’s a nice glitter spray finish from kastyles.co

Hope you find an inspiration to create something original and unique.

Happy decorating everyone!