It does not matter where you live in Ireland or in different part of the World, we are here to help with your Interior Design. We work with both Residential and Commercial properties.

We have expertise in all areas of Interior design. To make it easier for you how we can help you, simply choose one of the following services.



This service is perfect for anyone who likes decorating but doesn’t know where to start, feels stuck at certain stage and needs an advice how to finish / fix own Interior.

We discuss internal layout, ideal furniture, lighting and explain how to reflect your Personal style in Interior. We help you to set general colour scheme and share Pro recommendations on styling and accessorising. At the end of this session you will have a good vision of the design and have understanding how to finish room by yourself.  We also can recommend colours for Interior, Exteriors and Furniture.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your Unique Interior lighting has a big effect on Paint appearance. Designer can recommend colours but it is client’s responsibility to buy tester and make own judgement of the result. We recommend to use tester on 3 different walls and check colour at different time of the day. Designer will provide additional guidance for which effect and contrast to look for.




Following our Consultaion, you can request a Conceptual Moodboard to see colour scheme and examples of proposed furniture and decorative finishes together. It is very helpful visual design tool, especially when you have a Complex Design Concept. It is much easier to stay focused when shopping and look for furniture and decor by yourself when you have a finished picture of your Interior. 

We can prepare Moodboard of Conceptual design for ANY space and ANY Interior. You can see below some examples which were created for our Clients in the past.

Conceptual design moodboard by AlenaCDesign

Conceptual Design Moodboard doesn’t include Shopping list or a list of the Suppliers. If you would like to have a Complete Design with supporting information please choose Remote Interior Design.




If you want your New Home to be Perfect and Construction process run smoothly, we highly recommend to Review your Architectural house plans from the design point of view.

It is Interactive session, where we walk through your house and discuss it room by room. Our design focus to make sure you have a good flow and it works well for your life style and for your family. We will determine ideal kitchen layout, bathroom layout and adequate amount of storage. It is important to check rooms sizes to make sure they fit everything you need. We like to propose alternative solutions to fix any Interior dilemmas and odds.

At the end of this session sketches will be provided.




This is not a single session and it includes Complete Interior Design of the Room. We highly recommend to Contact Designer before Booking this session.

Interior Design Service is ideal if you see home refurbishment as an investment into your quality of life and well-being. We use complex and personal approach to give you a Home you’ve always wanted to have.

You receive a Complete Design Concept presented in a form of conceptual moodboard. We also include floor plan with furniture layout, wall elevations and bespoke design drawings. We have several rounds of revision to make sure it is perfect and reaches your expectations. Once design is finilised, we send you a Complete Shopping list and a package of drawings with written specifications for your contractors. 

We don’t offer Project management remotely but we provide Free Post-Service to make sure all your questions being asnwered during installation /FitOut.




STEP 1 : Choose a Remote Design Service(s) from the list above and proceed to checkout. If you are not sure, which service will be the most beneficial for you, please Contact Designer directly.

STEP 2 : Following payment confirmation, you will be redirected to the Remote Interior Design Questionnaire where you can provide all the necessary information, photos and measurements.

STEP 3 : Designer will contact you directly to schedule design session as soon as Step 1 and Step 2 are complete.

NOTE: We use ZOOM Conference Call to Communicate during Remote Design Sessions. If you prefer an alternative method of communication, we can discuss it individually.