Early in December 2016 all colour Guru companies started to announce their trends for 2017. Since then you could see a good number of interior design blogs telling about design predictions for a New year.
I will take my turn to sum up colour trends in one blog post and share with you ideas how you can adapt it in your home today.
#1 Pantone Collection became one of the most awaited every year.

Here is a Top 10 of colours for coming springtime. They are all fresh and bright. Looking at all these vibrant colours together it is hard to imagine how and where to use it in your home.
Here are few tips:
You don’t have to paint wall in bright orange if you love neutral colour scheme but use these colours in accessories, upholstery, and decor details.
If you love something very light and simple, you still don’t have to give up on colours. Small details look amazing!
Use one colour tone to create striking wall or even a feature wall. Remember about natural light, if you paint wall opposite side to where natural light falls (for example, around a window) then colour will look 1-2 tones darker.
Personally, I see a strong influence of Blue and Green in interiors this year. Particularly Niagara, Pantone attracts many people and quickly becomes the most popular choice. We saw many dramatic interiors last year and even more will see in new year. Muted Green and Blue is a hit indeed!
#2 Duluxis a well-known European paint leader and features Denim Drift
It is very interesting colour! There is a mix of Blue, Green and Grey in it and it means with different natural light it will look different. Moreover, if you will choose this colour, it will help you to bring different shades and tones together and unite colour scheme.

#3 World Design colour trend
Charcoal & Grey
This colour is like a ‘little black dress’ became Classic. There are many interiors featuring grey has been called Iconic. Grey and his brother charcoal take a great place in 2017. Use it for a dramatic look and don’t forget to add colour, which will beautifully standout.

Dining room, accent wall by AlenaCDesign
Mustard & Gold
It is time for a little sunshine and add special warmth into our homes. Yellow has been forgotten since it was very popular 8-10 years ago. But now it’s coming back in two different tones:
Mustard is a reach tone
Gold is muted with soft shade
Emerald green
I personally adore this colour! It is a noble colour with a hint of something organic and natural in your home. It’s a colour with absolute positive vibes.
There are big predictions for a greenery colours this year. Worth to try it!
As you can see, the short list of new year colours consists of pink/rose, blue, green and yellow. Rich tone is a definitely hit! I always encourage my clients to go rather rich tone than ‘safe’ neutral. Working only with neutrals it is hard to avoid risk of getting rather dull, pale, not welcoming, and sometimes, like if interior is not finished yet.
Go for a look you’ve always wanted, don’t be afraid to try something new and you will get Home of your dreams.