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In-House Colour/ Design Consultation

This consultation is a private design session in your home. It’s ideal for anyone who’s just bought a house/ New-builds, finishes renovation or only plans refurbishment of existing space.

We work individually with every client and aim to give you Interior you’ve always wanted to have. During session we explain what works and what doesn’t work for your space. We educate you how to make your home feel cozy, welcoming and luxury. We help you to decide on colour scheme, layout, choose different finishing materials, share styling tips and give you confidence to finish Interior by yourself. We have expertise in all aspects of Interior design and you can choose if you want to focus on one particular room/ part of the house or various rooms during one meeting.

Here is a list what designer can help with:

  • Architectural design / Spacial design / Furniture layout
  • Discuss colour scheme / Choose paint & Make a list for a room or entire house
  • Lighting design
  • Window treatments / AlenaCDesign is official supplier of ACME Blinds products in Midlands
  • Decorating tips and Pro styling advice

It’s ideal for anyone who appreciates time and wants fantastic result with minimum investment!

130.00 euro –  for Co. Laois (incl. VAT)

190.00 euro –  for Co. Dublin (incl. VAT)

up to 2 hours

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An additional charge of mileage may apply to cover travel expenses outside Co. Laois.

Lighting Plans for New Builds and Extensions

Good lighting and right type of lighting together provide absolutely different quality of life, comparing to the house with a basic single central light in the room.

Lighting creates atmosphere which comforts you, improves self-esteem, helps to take stress under control and many more. It’s not just important, it is essential to have house which provides emotional balance. It is so easy to consider right lighting for various areas when you are building a house.

We start working with Clients at the roof stage and provide plans within 2 weeks. So, there is no delay for your contractors. Be in touch if you want your house to be a better house!

Control light and shadows in your Home and Office.

Change mood and create unique atmosphere!

Service Includes:

New layout | Measuring | Overview layout | Lighting Plan | Specification for Electrician

Lighting Plan

From 350.00 euro (incl. VAT) / Per Floor

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Architectural & Interior Design

Residential Design

We create Home, where you feel at your Best
and you are proud of!

Our Clients:

All types of Residential Properties,
Apartments, Extensions, New Builds

Commercial Design

We create design for you to stand out
in front of Competitors!

Our Clients:

Hospitality business
Retail, Office, Showhouse

We Design to Step away from Ordinary and Create New Experience

Project Assessment | Create Unique Colour Scheme

Provide Floor Plan & Propose Furniture Layout

Design of Bespoke Cabinets | Lighting Design

Sourcing Finishing Materials/ Furniture/ Light/ Other Decor

Window Treatments  | Prepare Technical Specifications

Shopping Service | Project Management

From 500.00 euro (incl.VAT) / Per Room

CAD drawings included


Prepare & Review Architectural Building Plans

We are qualified experts in Architectural Interiors and Spatial Design!

We help you to find The Best Layout and optimise space!


Prepare & Review Building Plans

From 130.00 euro (incl.VAT)

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Gift Vouchers

Make a Special present for someone you Love and Care!

We provide friendly service with positive experience.

Best Present for
Housewarming Party & Wedding

An additional charge of mileage may apply to cover travel expenses outside Co. Laois.

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