Spring time symbolizes a fresh start not only in life, in general, but in living environment too. It is a great time of the year to de-clutter rooms, make fresh decorative changes, add new colours in interiors and most of all rethink furniture layout and storage solutions.
I would like to remind you about available interior solutions to consider in your home for space optimization. They are simple but sometimes not always so obvious.
Kitchen & Dining room
Who wouldn’t like to have great kitchen with island, breakfast bar and still to have plenty room for decent size dining table. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough room to locate everything but here what you can consider to make life more comfortable if you are owner of compact kitchen/dining area.
Need more worktop in the kitchen – Add Island!
One of the main problems in small kitchens is not enough of worktop. It can be easily solved if to add island without cabinets under counter top. Your minimal depth can be 400mm with reasonable length. Keeping bar stool in the kitchen, you even can use island as breakfast bar from time to time.
Maximum use of vertical space.
If you plan a new kitchen then consider wall units up to the ceiling to use maximum space vertically. Moreover, it will make your kitchen to look bigger and ceiling higher. If you work around existing kitchen then you can add decorative storage baskets at the top instead.
Round table is the best space saver in the dining room!
You might be surprised to hear that round table allows to locate the same number of people as rectangular table but it will take only half of the floor space. You are right to say that rectangular table has more traditional look. I also like to say that Function and Practicality should go first. Personal comfort is priceless and it improves mental health. You can reflect your favourite style not only in furniture shape but in colour, texture, table dressing, chairs, lighting etc.

Holiday House 2014 by Beth Webb Interiors
Banquette seats are a little bit forgotten but still great compact and comfortable space saving solution. It is a great option if you plan to place dining table near wall. Moreover, high back seats is a rising hot trend in design industry.
Sitting room
Choose slim furniture
Living in the house with limited space, try to avoid unnecessary bulky sofas and arm chairs. They might look cozy and comfortable only looking at them but they take too much space. Try to choose sofas with slim arms and backs instead.
Multifunctional furniture
Plan furniture to be multifunctional. For example, instead of coffee table place couple of foot stools with a little tray for your cup of tea. Or use side tables on each side of the sofa and keep space in front of sofa clear.
Bespoke storage systems
Free standing furniture not always let you using wall space on maximum. Narrow cabinets and shelving units with simple clean lines can be a better option. Place them from the floor to the ceiling and from wall to wall. Even visually it will make room to look bigger and you will get plenty space to store and keep your stuff or organised display.
Integrated furniture will make room multifunctional. There are many variations to integrate desk with wardrobe or bed with storage. Find what suits best to your room and lifestyle.
Bedside tables may stay
I think it is ideal picture for many homeowners to have double bed at the centre of the wall with bedside tables on each side. Unfortunately, sometimes room layout makes us to question whether or not bedside tables will fit where we want them. I recommend to measure the entire wall before you buy any furniture. Choose bed size to be sure there is enough space left for bedside tables. There is always option to order bespoke table from local cabinet makers.
Very often people who work at home use ‘box’ room as a home office. The most important element is a good size desk and shelving units for storage.
Minimalist style is the best space saving solution. Integrated Desk top gives maximum work space and it is very easy to add shelving units to organise necessary storage.
I know sometimes it’s not easy to think of different & alternative design solutions for compact interiors. Try to think out of the box, practicality and function should go before aesthetics. When you solve this task, go ahead to play with colours.
Best wishes!
Alena C