Every project starts with an idea. You already see in your mind how functional and beautiful will look your place. You have an idea what sort of work needs to be involved. Although, not always we have skills or time to make specific work ourselves. It is time to hire professional.
Recently I’ve been involved into interior design project, where I met contractors hired by my client. Meeting them was interesting experience, which gave me an idea to write this post.
There are many recommendations how to find professional for the job:
1. Decide what job should be done and who do you need to hire
2. Ask your friends and relatives if they can recommend someone or look for someone local
3. Get several quotations
4. Ask for portfolio, recommendations, reviews etc.
5. Meet personally!
It is a great list and you really should follow these tips. But to find right person, most of the times it isn’t enough. To make your project experience maximum positive, pay attention at next:
1. Determine What level of skills should have your contractor.
There is no need to hire professional artist if you simply need to repaint your walls. Before hiring a professional, make a list of everything should be done in your place. Divide all work into groups, for example: job for painter, job for carpenter, job for tiler and etc. Inside of group try to put more details of what work will involve, for example: do you want tiler to prepare walls for new tiles himself or it will do builder? Your walls have good surface to start painting or there is extra work needed? Who will do it?
Decide how many different contractors you will involve into project. Can one contractor have several skills?
TIP:It is hard if ever possible to be good at several things. Most of qualifications require magnificent amount of years and sometimes lifetime to achieve Master level.
When you hire contractor always ask about main qualification and how often person gets involved into specific job. I mean situation, when you hire carpenter and he says something like: “I’m actually tiler but I also do carpentry”. It’s not bad to have two different skills but it’s very rare to be very good at both equally.
Ideally, to achieve the best result, better to hire contractor for one type of work. Unfortunately, it isn’t budget friendly way but you get higher quality work. Look for the right person, for example, some tilers can also install vanities along with tiles and in that case you don’t need to hire plumber. In opposite, if you need to change pipes directions or make new provision, hire skilled person to do it. Mistake will cost you more.
2. Meet doesn’t mean to hire!
I know some people ready to hire contractor right after getting satisfying number (quotation) on a phone. Never do that! Always meet your contractor!
It happens, contractor is hired after phone agreement and on a first day you both realize that scope of work is bigger and project cost more for you and involves longer hours for professional. Everyone feel pressure…
Don’t be afraid to invite potential person to show stage and volume of work. This meeting doesn’t mean that you must hire straight after, it is only to help you and contractor to make decision, to get precised quotation, ask questions, meet person etc. It’s also important for professional to understand if it is his type of work to be involved.
3. See individual and not only price!
I will repeat it again that always meet contractor before to hire. You have to be sure that you have good understanding with the person you will work with. Get confidence that contractor will follow your guidelines and always will come to discuss before taking any decisions.
TIP: It is my personal advice – Be aware of people who talk more than listen! Remember this when you will have first meeting to hire. This type of people are good to sell themselves and their service but it doesn’t mean they are good. Ask more questions about their work and how he/she will achieve what you plan to get as a result.
4. Get written agreement.
Everybody knows that it is good thing to sign a document, but at the end of the day leave it without attention. Please, don’t do it! It doesn’t have to be contract but should be at least agreement on work you provide and result you need to get. It is good for your contractor to have written promise to receive money and for you to get full list of arranged work done. Discuss what happens in case of delay from both sides or in case something goes wrong. It helps to establish trustworthy relationships.
Good luck with your projects!
Wish you only positive experience!