Hello everyone,
September was fantastic and very busy month. I hope you are doing well and enjoy these sunny autumn days too!
I’m excited to say that during October I will show you several complete projects I’ve been working on recently. Couple of projects still need final installations and touches but there is one to reveal today!
It is a Master Bedroom of married couple.Client’s request included bedroom to be in taupe colours, contemporary, simple and elegant. Here what we had at the start: pine doors, pine skirting boards, pale yellow walls, dated furniture. Not so exciting but not for long…

Client wanted to keep carpet, bed and wooden standing mirror. I take these items as a starting point to build colour scheme in the room.

I always encourage my clients to reuse old furniture, and so we decided to keep chest of drawers too.

Every project I start from presenting mood board which includes samples of wallpaper, lighting option, paint, accessories etc. Every detail gets an approval of the Client and we have an open conversation on what we can change or add. It is very important to have personal in-put to feel it home.

As you can see, we use two types of wallpaper on opposite walls. Taupe wallpaper with pattern is a feature wall (you see it when you enter the room) and plain white/grey wallpaper is an accent wall to give a soft texture (you face the wall when you sit on a bed). This plain wallpaper has a soft shimmer and you can’t resist to touch it every single time you face the wall.
Brown mirror colour is not a single dark spot in the room any more! We add Chocolate velvet curtains and walnut bedside tables. Old chest of drawers repaint using Antique White Furniture Paint and add white 4 panelled headboard on a bed.
As you can see, we spread existing colours around the room to balance it.
Here what we have as a result!
Main wall (Feature wall)
We have minimum accessories on a bed. It is practical point as married Couple wanted to keep it simple and easy for making bed in the morning.

Accent wall
I wonder if you can recognise the old pine chest of drawers? :) Looks fantastic with new black nickel knobs!

Framed pictures from Client’s archive, flowers with a vase is a personal pick of my Client. We discuss and set key point for accessories to add and that’s what makes room personalized!

There is a lot of painting involved during project: 3 doors, skirting boards, chest of drawers, ceiling and walls. Moreover, each surface needed more than one coat to look as it is on a picture. The most amazing part is my Clients were fantastic to complete it within couple of weeks (without taking days off)! Well done!! Now we are ready to renovate another room in the house.
Thank you for reading!