Interior Design can be not that simple if you don’t know what to start from. You buy a house, move in and you see your space as a blank canvas. In this case, your opportunities are endless and you have a great chance to make everything right from scratch.
Unfortunately, reality is a bit different for most of us. I’m talking not just about budget! I’m talking about stuff we love and want to keep. You have old antique dining table which your grandmother left for you. But what to do if you love contemporary style?! To buy a house and to start renovation in every single room in one go, can be pricey. So, how to get welcoming house if you want to keep old tiles?
I’m having a deal with this requests daily and let me reassure you that there is always a solution! Each situation is unique as every home but there are tips, which can help you to start and get a progress.
#1 Determine what you want to keep and work around it
If you have something old and you DON’T LIKE it then take a note – don’t try hide it in the room by placing it in the corner or using something to cover it. Let’s face a truth, you are not a magician and this object or ‘a thing’ still will be noticeable.
Instead of tricks, make odd thing or interior element a part of your interior. Make colour, texture or shape of this object a start of your colour scheme.
If you keep an old thing you like, then make it featuring, make it a centrepiece in your space. If you would like to hide it then blend it in with accent colours. In both cases, it will look harmonious interior with well-thought details.
Here is an example #1:

Private Residence, Pacific Heights by NICOLEHOLLISvia
There is a nice antique console table and to fit it in contemporary interior you add wooden shelves on each side of the fireplace and wooden coffee table. Moreover, you can see that other furniture is in warm tones of light brown and taupe to match chosen colour scheme.
Example #2 is a part of one of the recent projects I was writing about here. But it is such a good visual example not to mention now.

Here we disguise large antique cabinet by painting wall behind it.
#2 Search for your colour scheme
It is true that not always colour scheme will be so obvious as on pictures above. You will need to spend some time and find a right example from Interiors online. Use, Google Search or ready Colour schemes on Pinterest.
It can be tricky if you have a deal with vibrant and bright colours. But all colours have a perfect match!
Red / Blue
Purple / Green
#3 Find a matching pair
You probably were guessing about this one as this tip was quiet obvious from examples above. I want to make sure that you don’t miss it. When you build your interior look around existing decor elements or furniture, try not to use it on its own because it will look like ‘a black sheep’ in the room. Exception will be a case where you use it as a unique centrepiece. Otherwise, add matching accessories around a room.

Yaletown loft by Treoma Design
Here are main three tips to get started. Hope it will help you to find your solution and remember ‘To get place you’ve never had before, make decisions you’ve never made before’. Be confident to try something new and don’t play too safe.
Enjoy and Have a fun decorating!