A Shop guide: Summer 2020

We are finally getting close to the summer season! During this time we tend to spend a little bit more time outside and it is a good reason to style your outdoor lounge with beautiful and comfortable furniture. But we will not forget about Interior as there are always attractive pieces to refresh rooms and update small decor.

All major furniture stores in Ireland are having New Arrivals and if you would like to find something beautiful and elegant for your home, welcome to explore my TOP 10 pick for you.

IKEA is a leader on furniture market to offer a good variety and still affordable furniture and decor. It is amazing to see how effortlessly Ikea able to keep up with all stream trends and adapt design concepts in own products. Fair play to their designers for being able to deliver design chic to mass market. Here what they have for you this Summer.

#1 HÖGSTEN Outdoor White Armchair

Garden chair white IKEA

Price: 85.00 euro     

Shop: ikea.ie

Product ID: 502.098.65

#2 HÖGSTEN Outdoor White Armchair – small

White garden furniture ikea shopping

Price: 70.00 euro     

Shop: ikea.ie

Product ID: 202.098.62

#3 GRACIÖS Collection – IKEA colourful decor for the sunroom

Styling colourful decor for home IKEA shopping

 Shop: ikea.ie

Product ID: 704.625.11

Product ID: 904.681.59

Product ID: 904.625.05

#4  Great selection of Decorative Baskets

TJILLEVIPS Basket, 40cm – Black / SeaGrass Green 

Basket black Ikea shopping Green seagrass basket home decor ikea shopping


Price: 19.00 / 17.00 euro     

Shop: ikea.ie

Product ID: 404.394.85 /604.394.89

KRALLIG Basket, 25cm – SeaGrass Light Pink /White

Pink basket IKEA decor White basket IKEA decor

Price: 12.00 euro     

Shop: ikea.ie

Product ID: 804.476.62 /804.476.57

#5 BONDHOLMEN Outdoor grey armchair 

wooden grey armchair Ikea

Price: 118.00 euro     

Shop: ikea.ie

Product ID: 093.238.02


IKEA is not the only Scandinavian style store, which can offer furniture with interesting details.



 Scandinavian furniture JyskScandinavian furniture

Price: 49.99 euro     

Shop: jysk.ie

Product ID: 3797430  /3797420 

#7  SWARA Garden Carver Chair, Natural Rattan and Black

Designers garden chair Made Designers garden furniture

Price: 179.00 euro     

Shop: made.com

#8 NADDA Set Of Two Tall Polyrattan Plant Stands, Black

Black planter made.com

Price: 99.00 euro     

Shop: made.com


NOTE: You need to be patient with Made.com deliveries as all products have designer’s quality and made in small batches.


There is another beautiful Summer collection by ZARA HOME. This year they have a strong focus on tropical and sustainable design. These 2 pieces are my favourite from their new arrivals.


Zara Home chest of drawers

Price: 149.00 euro     

Shop: zarahome.com

Product ID: 1329/072


Metal mesh mirror Zara home

Price: 149.00 euro     

Shop: jysk.ie

Product ID: 6681/106


We used different mesh metal mirrors in several projects and they look absolutely amazing. Highly recommend for home decoration!

Dining Room, Killeshin Residence by AlenaCDesign

Killeshin Residence by AlenaCDesign


Bathroom design, Heath Residence by AlenaCDesign

Heath Residence by AlenaCDesign

If you like our Residential Projects, you can see New Recently Complete Designs in Project Gallery.


And here is a BONUS! I like to support local businesses and Irish Makers. There is no better opportunity to introduce you one of the local Irish Artists – CIARA O’NEILL


Ciara Oneill Artists

Ciara is based in Gallway and she makes a stunning selection of resin art, jewellery and even tables. Great news that you can see and shop her collections online at www.ciaraoneillart.com/originals 


Stay Safe and Enjoy Decorating!

Alena C


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A Shop guide: Summer Bargain

It takes a lot of enthusiasm and patience to find beautiful gems for your home. I hope you will agree that stylish home decor is great but when it becomes affordable, it is even better! Summer season fills us with energy and inspiration to decorate and style our homes. Summer season SALE makes our desires to fit well with our budget. Check out my hand picked selection to get maximum out of this bright season! 

Contemporary design is dominating in 2019. Minimalist style furniture made of soft fabrics such as velvet with a mix of metal and wooden accents get statement role. Creative decor and lighting add artistic element to your interior and we shouldn’t forget about green plants – they are a must for freshness and eco feel! 

#1 Pink Velvet 2 Seater Sofa – Harper

Price: 379.00 euro     

Shop: ezlivingfurniture.ie





#2 Three Seater Dark Blue Velvet Sofa – Bellini

Price: 599.00 euro     

Shop: ezlivingfurniture.ie



#3 Stool with metal rings

Price: 45.99 euro

Product code: 3800/073     

Shop: zarahome.com/ie




#4 Large black marble table (33.0 X 60.0 X 60.0 CM)

Price: 79.99 euro

Product code: 3298/072     

Shop: zarahome.com/ie





Price: 35.99 euro

Product code: 8446/106     

Shop: zarahome.com/ie




#6 Michelle Keegan Home Sabina Tassel Easy-Fit Light Shade

Price: 45.99 euro

Product code: NGVEC1E     

Shop: littlewoodsireland.ie


#7 Plant Stand, diam. 30cm (Gold and Chrome)

Price: 39.99 euro

Product code: 3076/077

Shop: zarahome.com/ie


Happy Shopping! X

Alena C 


Would you like to know how to achieve timeless look of your home?

Read design guide: >> Your Classic Contemporary Home


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A Shop guide: IKEA Spring New Arrivals

Working on design concept for my clients and helping with design guidance, I always keep in mind that some of them like shopping themselves. In this case, I make sure that shopping list is accessible and they don’t require trade accounts to buy desirable things.

I believe that beautiful home decor is not necessary should be expensive. Ikea is one of the World-wide companies which offers fine furniture and accessories. Every year they add new products close to hot trends in Interior design Industry.

This spring new arrivals is not an exception! I promise, you will love it too!


#1 EKET Cabinet

Price: 20.00 euro     

Product code: Golden-Brown (503.737.09) & Red (703.737.08)


These boxes are my favourite. I used them in different projects, and trust me, they are fantastic for wall displays, office storage and of course, kids/playroom zones. Boxes are quiet spacious and now very bright.

Personally, I’m in love in Red and Golden-brown option, not to mention that these colours are totally in trend now!



#2 SVENSHULT Wall shelf with storage      

Price: 25.00 euro     

Product code: 804.000.75


These Brown-red/white stained oak effect shelves will make a fun display for any teenager’s room and not only.

You can be very creative with an arrangement.



#3 SVENSHULT Wall shelf Gold-colour

Price: 13.00 euro     

Product code: 504.275.33


There is another mesh type shelving in new arrivals. It will make great statement on a wall against deep rich colour like Teal, Red, Navy, Emerald green etc.


#4 FJÄLLBO Wall shelf Black

Price: 25.00 euro     

Product code: 804.212.47


I know some of you like industrial decor with a little bit of character and I believe Ikea knows it too.

These shelves come in a great size L 101 cm and they have quiet nice finish. You really can appreciate decor which comes at affordable price but doesn’t look cheap ;)


#5 BUSKBO Armchair Rattan

Price: 99.00 euro     

Product code: 704.343.11


 Rattan furniture is a new trend in 2019 and it’s picking up fast, especially for accent chairs. Ikea promises that their piece is Handmade by experienced craftspeople, which makes each armchair unique. Personally, I’m not a fan of ‘beach’ furniture but have to admit that design looks quiet attractive!


#6 ANGRIM Chair White patterned

Price: 55.00 euro     

Product code: 892.210.17 


This dining chair is my favourite in new arrivals! I sourced similar design chair for a client couple of years ago with a price of 250 euro but 55.oo euro sounds just great! It will look very elegant not only in a dining room but also at the dressing table. Unfortunately, it’s not in stock in Dublin store YET but I’m sure it will be very soon. Without doubts it’s going to be a top-seller!




#7 PJÄTTERYD Picture Blue moon

Price: 20.00 euro set of 3 

Product code: 404.369.53


I often hear from my clients how it isn’t easy to find nice attractive prints and wall art. Good news, Ikea brings new selection this spring!

Any wall art is a very personal choice and I like this one below. You always can visit local store by yourself and choose what’s close to your mood today.



Thank you for your positive feedback on A Shop guide section. I’m glad you were able to find some nice pieces for your home in previous posts!

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If you would like to learn How to Style your Home like a Pro, I highly recommend to read: >> How to style accessories on display


Happy Shopping, 

Alena C

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A Shop guide: Top pick of Kids Decor this Spring

Child’s room is one of my favourite spaces to design. Here you get more freedom to create and play with colours. We all know how it’s important for a child to have personal space which helps him to grow joyful, curious and smart. Design should allow freedom to use own imagination and focus on own dreams. It’s important not to over-design the room! Although, small decorations are very welcome to make room more fun.

If you are looking for some original and fun decor to style your child’s room, check my TOP list, which you can find in Ireland this spring:


#1 Unicorn flag

Price: 12.00 euro     

Shop: home-lust.com

#2 Children’s Lou Lou Ghost Chair – Sketch by Kartell

Price: 137.00 euro     

Shop: amara.com/ie


#3 Kids pear shaped basket

Price: 45.99 euro     

Shop: zarahome.com/ie

Product ID: 1449/049


#4 Elephant basket

Price: 59.99 euro     

Shop: zarahome.com/ie

Product ID: 3879/049

#5 Aynsley Day & Night Owl Bookends Multi Colour

Price: 31.50 euro     

Shop: arnotts.ie


#6 Metal Cloud Shelf – Mint

Price: 29.50 euro     

Shop: fluffyfields.ie

#7 Childrens Teal Blue All Stars Bedroom Rug 100×150 cm

Price: 55.31 euro     

Shop: kukoon.com/ie


These decor is fun and playful. All of them can be a great additional to most of the colour schemes of your choice. So, make it fun and enjoy decorating.


If you would like to learn more how to design kids room, you definitely should read TIPs in previous Blog Post :

>> How to design room for a Boy 7-14 y.o.

And if you face a challenge to design room for two kids with big age difference, you will find interesting how we managed a Project :

>> Bright and Light Playroom for kids


P.S. Those cool shaped baskets is a definitely my favourite choice and which one is yours? ;)


Happy Shopping, 

Alena C


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A Shop guide: Affordable Designer’s Light

There is one more day left before December and before we get into Christmas and New year topics, I wanted to share with you a quick Blog on Decorative lighting for your home. It’s not a secret that lighting fixtures make an incredible visual statement in various areas. And I’m glad to see that people more and more often want to use interesting “designer’s type” of lights in their homes.   

Working on design projects for different people, I undestand that even having budget to afford exclusive lighting, some of my clients might have psyhological barrier on how much they are ready to spend on a single ceiling light. There is nothing wrong with this. As a designer, I always try to find beautiful and affordable things, when it is possible.

Today I have for you my TOP 5 LIST of Contemporary Lights UNDER 150 euro!

#1 Calm 6-Light Cluster Ceiling Pendant      

Price: 109.99 euro     

Shop: littlewoodsireland.ie     

Area: Sitting room, playroom, dining area

ID: M6P771A 

#2  UMAGE Silvia pendant light brass      

Price: 93.90 euro       

Shop: Lights.ie       

Area: dining area, hallway, above accent table

A Shop guide: Affordable Designer's Light

ID: 9521024

#3 Bellini Oval Diner Pendant    

Price: 134.99 euro    

Shop: littlewoodsireland.ie    

Area: Sitting room, dining area


ID: M6P741E

#4  Home Collection – Glass ‘Juliana’ ceiling light     

Price: on SALE 67.50 euro (WAS 135.00 euro)     

Shop: Debenhams.ie     

Area: above kitchen island

ID: 3030011102

#5 Abigail Ahern/EDITION – AA Pax’ tassel pendant ceiling light    

Price: on SALE 140.00 euro (was 180.00 euro)    

Shop: Debenhams.ie    

Area: Sitting room, landing / staircase


ID: 3030011122

All these lights is the affordable option of the designer’s examples. Any of them will make a beautiful and elegant statement in various parts of your home and just in time for Christmas!

Happy Shopping, Alena C

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