Every year at the end of October Ideal Home Show on RDS attracts thousands people, who love home decor and looking for an advice. It is a phenomenal place to meet different contractors and suppliers in one place! In a friendly environment you can ask questions, get advice and even special offer on interested products.
For this event I have set a very specific goal, rather than looking for new design trends, I was more concentrated on finding creative products for styling and decorating home. I was looking for something unique, hand-made or bespoke. I was looking for something what can make decorating home easer, more affordable and practical.
It wasn’t too busy on Sunday because of Dublin’s marathon, it made general atmosphere more relaxed and easy-going. And so I didn’t loose my time to meet new professionals at different stands.
#1 There are many various artists presented on a show but Theo Hanley has ‘stop right there!’ effect. I couldn’t miss so attractive paintings with original landscapes of sky and a sea. There are different colours, depth of view and never the same mood!

#2 My next stop is Muggins and co. I would call this online shop is a perfect destination if you are looking for kids wall art decor or a creative present! As a designer I know how it can be hard to find joyful, attractive wall art for kids room. Don’t miss this one!

I find it is very important to have a choice, to be able to make something personalized and Muggins and Co. are amazing to offer different collections for boys, girls and themed. Contact them if you didn’t find what you were looking for and they are great to help.

#3 I didn’t need to go far to find another product for kids room. Here is Maple and Spud with beautiful handmade teepees for kids to play in. These little tents is a big trend and you can find one or two in any Home Design Magazine. On company’s site you can find several options to choose from but what makes them really unique is they can make teepee as bespoke and personalized as much you want it to be. No limits! They even can use some of your fabrics for details to incorporate with your room design. They are passionate in what they do and you can see it in high-quality product!

#4 Continuing my review of products for kids, I would like to mention company kidsspace.ie, which specialises in making bespoke furniture for toddlers and teenagers. They have adorable designs for little ones and creative options for teenagers. For young people is very important to have room which would reflect their personality and passion. It helps them to build confidence and individuality. You have to see designs yourself, where my personal choice is a Running Horse indeed.


#5 There is one more product related to kids decor accessories before to move on. It is young company yet and calls Source Pro. To buy product you can use only direct contact. Let me know if you are interested and I will send you details. The product I would like to tell about is a Milan Hand Made Ceramics Venetian Glass Balloons.


All these colourful glass balloons made by craft man in Venice, Italy and then delivered in Ireland. There are three different sizes 9cm, 15cm and 18cm. Get a set of balloons and party will never end in the child’s room!
#6 If you are looking for home decor in general or something to give you a finished look, here are three traders with great choice of products from RDS.

Elms  showed a display of new decor, which you can buy in their shop. There are beautiful wall art (small frames), small display decor and wooden panel with oriental pattern. It looks great and perfect if you want to make statement in your finished interior!

Gallery Zozimus represents local artists and craftsmen in one place! It is a place full of timeless treasures: origional paintings, sculptures from stone, wood and ceramics. Gallery offers special events and closed viewings. Moreover, if you live in Dublin area they will bring chosen art pieces to your home or office to make sure it is perfect!
Woo Design – it’s an online shop with modern and a bit quirky style furniture and home accessories. They have absolutely origional and interesting pieces to add to any home.
I feel satisfied to what I found and saw during a show but my goal wouldn’t be complete without something new with innovative approach in home improvement.

#7 Do you know the pain when you have fully tiled bathroom (4 walls and a floor) and it looks dated (may be damaged and faded)? And the worse part is to imagine a whole mess to go through to change it? I met specialist from RDS Coolock Tile Outlet with fantastic new technique and a product to make renovation easier!

They use MICROCEMENT, which can be applied on almost any surface indoor and outdoor. It is durable, leak free, non slip product with stone effect finish and in wide range of colours. Technology requires four layers and it adds only 3.5mm rise.
With this product and technology, it is so easy to get stone-like finish without replacing old. Moreover, it lets you to get stone finish sink, worktop and even bath. Specialists from Coolock Tile Outlet can make any carcass from plywood and apply microcement over. You can use several colours for a pattern or transition. Great solution with fantastic transformation!


#8 Here is another innovative product: Have you ever heard of Silk plaster liquid wallpaper? It is 100% green product!

In general, it consists of Silk, Cotton and Cellulose and when it is dry, it looks like a bag of coloured flakes. When you prepare a mixture, you apply coating as a plaster on a wall or ceiling. After it dried it looks nothing like. Check the picture:

Wall has incredibly soft texture! As an option you can have it mixed with glitter for shimmering effect as on a picture above.
The best fact about this product apart of simple application, if you get a scratch and surface is damaged, you spray a little bit of water on this area and apply coating over. Done!
It is 100% green product, it doesn’t shrink and along with soft touch it provides additional heat and sound insulation, improves acoustics.
Only choose a colour you like!
That’s all I wanted to tell and show from the Autumn Show 2016. That’s not all so far but I couldn’t make this Blog post any longer. It was a very busy weekend and very exciting to meet new traders, learn about great products. And I will look for an opportunity to use them in future projects. If you missed the show this year, put it in your diary – spring 2017 and I might see you there!
Alena C