There is one more day left before December and before we get into Christmas and New year topics, I wanted to share with you a quick Blog on Decorative lighting for your home. It’s not a secret that lighting fixtures make an incredible visual statement in various areas. And I’m glad to see that people more and more often want to use interesting “designer’s type” of lights in their homes.   

Working on design projects for different people, I undestand that even having budget to afford exclusive lighting, some of my clients might have psyhological barrier on how much they are ready to spend on a single ceiling light. There is nothing wrong with this. As a designer, I always try to find beautiful and affordable things, when it is possible.

Today I have for you my TOP 5 LIST of Contemporary Lights UNDER 150 euro!

#1 Calm 6-Light Cluster Ceiling Pendant      

Price: 109.99 euro     


Area: Sitting room, playroom, dining area

ID: M6P771A 

#2  UMAGE Silvia pendant light brass      

Price: 93.90 euro       


Area: dining area, hallway, above accent table

A Shop guide: Affordable Designer's Light

ID: 9521024

#3 Bellini Oval Diner Pendant    

Price: 134.99 euro    


Area: Sitting room, dining area


ID: M6P741E

#4  Home Collection – Glass ‘Juliana’ ceiling light     

Price: on SALE 67.50 euro (WAS 135.00 euro)     


Area: above kitchen island

ID: 3030011102

#5 Abigail Ahern/EDITION – AA Pax’ tassel pendant ceiling light    

Price: on SALE 140.00 euro (was 180.00 euro)    


Area: Sitting room, landing / staircase


ID: 3030011122

All these lights is the affordable option of the designer’s examples. Any of them will make a beautiful and elegant statement in various parts of your home and just in time for Christmas!

Happy Shopping, Alena C