Apex windows is a huge architectural design trend these days in Ireland. To be honest, I will be surprised to see new build without one. It’s undestandable that tall windows look well as a part of exterior, you get plenty natural lighting inside and not to mention view outside.
Unfortunately, the day you move into a house and start decorating and styling your space, you might realize that in some areas even apex window require dressing. One of my clients said: “To buy window treatments for a new house, it was almost like getting a second mortgage!”.
It’s true that most of the times good quality & custome-made window treatments are pricey. We manage to find affordable window dressing solutions for standart size windows, where apex window cannot be called ‘standard’.
I would highly recommend to include window dressing for apex windows into your construction budget or consider them in areas where you easily can have them opened all the time. At the same time, there are three main areas where placing window dressing have more practical reason: sitting room/TV room, dining room and bedroom.
Here are your available apex window dressing solutions:
#1 Voile/Sheer /Curtains with long drapes
This solution will look elegant in any interior. Obviously for bedroom you will need to choose thicker fabric for more privacy, especially in the evening. At the same time, for TV room and dining room – light voile will be better for semi-privacy, which still allow plenty natural light during a day.

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#2 Shaped motorised blinds:
Great option to close all window sections when it’s required. Check design and size options with your window supplier. Here is good video example from signature.ie

In addition, you could try to use combination of two solutions: Fit blinds at the very top and place curtains pole across a window with standard size pair of curtains.
#3 Cellular blinds (including sliding door):
This window covering used to block or filter light and insulate windows to save energy. It can be very efficient and practical in certain areas.

#4 Vertical Blinds (for smaller apex window): is simple and budget friendly alternative.

#5 Shutters:
We all know them well for being timeless and very effective.

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#6 Something different (for small apex windows):
A large triangular window follows the roofline and provides views of the street. When privacy is required, a custom-made triangular blind that’s hidden within the cabinetry, can be raised blocking most of the window.
This example shows that there is always a possibility for creative and not standard solution.

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Keep your mind opened for new things!
Best wishes,
Alena C