We are finally getting close to the summer season! During this time we tend to spend a little bit more time outside and it is a good reason to style your outdoor lounge with beautiful and comfortable furniture. But we will not forget about Interior as there are always attractive pieces to refresh rooms and update small decor.

All major furniture stores in Ireland are having New Arrivals and if you would like to find something beautiful and elegant for your home, welcome to explore my TOP 10 pick for you.

IKEA is a leader on furniture market to offer a good variety and still affordable furniture and decor. It is amazing to see how effortlessly Ikea able to keep up with all stream trends and adapt design concepts in own products. Fair play to their designers for being able to deliver design chic to mass market. Here what they have for you this Summer.

#1 HÖGSTEN Outdoor White Armchair

Garden chair white IKEA

Price: 85.00 euro     

Shop: ikea.ie

Product ID: 502.098.65

#2 HÖGSTEN Outdoor White Armchair – small

White garden furniture ikea shopping

Price: 70.00 euro     

Shop: ikea.ie

Product ID: 202.098.62

#3 GRACIÖS Collection – IKEA colourful decor for the sunroom

Styling colourful decor for home IKEA shopping

 Shop: ikea.ie

Product ID: 704.625.11

Product ID: 904.681.59

Product ID: 904.625.05

#4  Great selection of Decorative Baskets

TJILLEVIPS Basket, 40cm – Black / SeaGrass Green 

Basket black Ikea shopping Green seagrass basket home decor ikea shopping


Price: 19.00 / 17.00 euro     

Shop: ikea.ie

Product ID: 404.394.85 /604.394.89

KRALLIG Basket, 25cm – SeaGrass Light Pink /White

Pink basket IKEA decor White basket IKEA decor

Price: 12.00 euro     

Shop: ikea.ie

Product ID: 804.476.62 /804.476.57

#5 BONDHOLMEN Outdoor grey armchair 

wooden grey armchair Ikea

Price: 118.00 euro     

Shop: ikea.ie

Product ID: 093.238.02


IKEA is not the only Scandinavian style store, which can offer furniture with interesting details.



 Scandinavian furniture JyskScandinavian furniture

Price: 49.99 euro     

Shop: jysk.ie

Product ID: 3797430  /3797420 

#7  SWARA Garden Carver Chair, Natural Rattan and Black

Designers garden chair Made Designers garden furniture

Price: 179.00 euro     

Shop: made.com

#8 NADDA Set Of Two Tall Polyrattan Plant Stands, Black

Black planter made.com

Price: 99.00 euro     

Shop: made.com


NOTE: You need to be patient with Made.com deliveries as all products have designer’s quality and made in small batches.


There is another beautiful Summer collection by ZARA HOME. This year they have a strong focus on tropical and sustainable design. These 2 pieces are my favourite from their new arrivals.


Zara Home chest of drawers

Price: 149.00 euro     

Shop: zarahome.com

Product ID: 1329/072


Metal mesh mirror Zara home

Price: 149.00 euro     

Shop: jysk.ie

Product ID: 6681/106


We used different mesh metal mirrors in several projects and they look absolutely amazing. Highly recommend for home decoration!

Dining Room, Killeshin Residence by AlenaCDesign

Killeshin Residence by AlenaCDesign


Bathroom design, Heath Residence by AlenaCDesign

Heath Residence by AlenaCDesign

If you like our Residential Projects, you can see New Recently Complete Designs in Project Gallery.


And here is a BONUS! I like to support local businesses and Irish Makers. There is no better opportunity to introduce you one of the local Irish Artists – CIARA O’NEILL


Ciara Oneill Artists

Ciara is based in Gallway and she makes a stunning selection of resin art, jewellery and even tables. Great news that you can see and shop her collections online at www.ciaraoneillart.com/originals 


Stay Safe and Enjoy Decorating!

Alena C


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